Battle With Evaporation

As the days get hotter, the sun gets brighter and our pools warm up. With summer weather coming quickly pool owners will begin to notice that the water in their pool can evaporate quicker than they may want. Evaporation is normal and will happen to some degree during normal pool use, increased levels can be seen while swimming and enjoying pool time. These are not something you can easily control. During your pools down time, when you are not swimming there are steps you can take to limit the amount of water you lose from evaporation.

Plaster Color: Evaporation ration rates occur faster the warmer your pool water is. This is natural. You can help keep your pool water cooler by simply making sure your pool plaster is a white or light color. Darker color pools will absorb more heat thus making your pool significantly hotter than it needs to be. This is wonderful in winter for those who wish to have a year round swim season, less so for those who want to combat water loss. Having your pool plaster replaced or painted can greatly cut down on your pools water bill by keeping the water in the pool!

Liquid Pool Cover: Do you feign from the thought of constantly needing to cover your pool after every use, to drag your pool cover across the expanse of water that you want to keep in your pool? Well, there is a simple solution for this. Using a liquid pool cover is a relatively low cost and low maintenance way to hold in your water, safeguarding a majority of it against evaporation. These pour in pool covers are non-toxic and biodegradable. Safe to use around loved ones and most pool equipment.

Pool Cover: Coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, pool covers are a staple of many homeowners pool supplies. A well-built and durable pool cover can last years. One of the surest ways to save water and your pool chemicals, a pool cover is a winner. The effort put into opening and closing can be worth the hassle if your goal is to truly save water.

These are a few of the most common ways to combat water loss through evaporation. All are safe and straightforward! Remember to enjoy your pool season!

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