Can Your Pool Help With Stress?

We all know that swimming is wonderful low impact exercise that can greatly improve your physical well-being. There are hundreds of exercises and workout routines based on your swimming pool. Though rarely mentioned is the mental health benefits of the pool. We rarely take the time to correlate pools to mental health but the link is definitely there.During this stressful time maybe you should be spending more time in your pool!

Stress Relief: Swimming helps regulate breathing and your heart rate. This by itself allows your mind to focus on something simple. Many times when swimming laps you are able to zone out and clear your thoughts, this gives way to you being able to work through your issues or the day. Swimming can be easily compared to meditation in this aspect while giving you a workout.

Sleeping: Swimming is a relaxing yet tiring workout that helps you sleep easier. The physical workout combined with the mental relaxation promotes a healthy sleep cycle. Swimming has been linked to aiding with insomnia, night terrors and even sleep walking. A healthy pool time can easily improve your rest promoting deeper and healthier sleep cycle.

Mood and Self-Esteem: Feeling like you are doing something to promote your health makes you feel like a better person. Swimming can easily promote self-esteem and the need for self-improvement. While swimming you can work through issues that make you feel depressed. Self-doubt once relieved can easily help you improve your self-esteem leading to a happier and healthier outlook on life.

As you can see, swimming and pools can easily improve your life wonderfully. You can now enjoy your pool more for a purpose that you can truly look forward to. Mental and physical well-being are a wonderful reason for you and your family to swim.

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