Can Your Pool Water Be Hurting You?

Why does every pool professional give you the same advice over and over again? Keep your pool chemicals balanced! Well, this is honestly one of the best ways to keep your pool in good repair and keep you and your family healthy. In this article, we will be looking at how the chemical balance in your water can affect both the health of your pool and the health of you and your family

It is common knowledge that your pool can carry a plethora of different molds, mildews, and bacteria that can make you and your family sick. You and your family can become infected with anything from a lung infection to skin issues such as a rash. Before you decide to close your pool for good, most things that might get into your pool water is taken care of by your filtration system and the pool chemicals that you put into your pool. Keeping proper levels of chlorine will easily destroy the majority of anything that might be lurking in your water. If you feel that your pool could be contaminated with an unknown pathogen you might consider taking the time to shock your pool with extra chlorine. Remeber monitoring your pool water with a test kit should be done weekly and add the needed chemicals and compounds to keep your water with a perfectly balanced PH level.

Can your pool water truly keep your pool in good condition longer? Can your pool water harm your pool equipment and plaster if it is out of balance? The simple answer is yes! If you look into what your pool plaster is made of, you will find that it is comprised of natural materials that can negatively be affected by acidic substances. Prolonged exposure to unbalanced pool water can cause your pool plaster to become soft and brittle and even crack away or chip! Besides the damage to your pool plaster, remember that many of your pools filtration system pieces are made of rubber and plastic. High acid can cause these parts to wear down over time leading to leaks and breaks.

As you can see, keeping your pool chemicals at the suggested levels and routinely checking the PH level of your water can not only keep you healthy but your pool healthy as well! If you see that your pool plaster has been negatively impacted by unbalanced water and began to crack and become dangerous for your family it might be time to consider having your pool replastered. For a professional consultation look no further than San Diego Pool Plaster!

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