How To Keep A Beautiful Pool

After a while, you may see that your pool has lost some of its lusters, as your pool ages and as your pool plaster ages this is a normal occurrence, certain things such as stains, cracking and chipping can possibly distract from the beauty of your pool and have you looking for a solution. The good news is there are many options for you to look into that will not break the bank. If your pool is stained you can acid wash, if your plaster has small cracks you can have your pool patched, if your plaster is crumbling, cracked, chipped and stained it might be time to consider having your pool replastered. Let's look closer at each of these options.

Acid Wash: This is the processing of draining your pool of water and using an approved pool acid wash to brighten your pool plaster and remove stains. The overall process is shorter than a full replaster but is labor intensive. You will need a variety of supplies to perform this on your own. Proper safety gear such as googles, ventilators, rubber gloves and boots. Other important aspects include soda ash to neutralize the acid after it has been pumped away, hoses, buckets, and brushes. Many will seek out a professional to have this work done because the overall investment and rental of the needed equipment can quickly add up in cost.

Patches and Repairs: Many patches and repairs can be done with your pool water in your pool, this will save you a lot of money when it comes to your water bill. Many hardware or pool supply stores have water setting patch kits that you can easily buy, read the instructions and perform yourself. These small imperfections are easy enough for the avid DIY to repair. Larger cracks, fissures, and holes will likely need your pool to be drained to fully repair the breaks.

Replastering: Replastering is not something you should attempt to do by yourself. It requires heavy machinery, intense physical labor, massive amounts of raw materials and a great deal of manpower. You will need to contact a professional for this. A professional pool plaster company will be able to go through all of the proper prep work and post work. If you decide to DIY this please remember to carefully research and plan everything you might have to have special permission from your local government as well.

We hope this gives you a basic idea of what you will need to look into for common pool issues. For a professional consultation please contact us at San Diego Pool Plaster.

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