Painting Your Pool

Painting your pool can be a wonderful experience for you and your family. It can brighten up your pool, warm your pool, and prolong the life of your pool plaster. The wonderful thing about having your in ground pool finish painted is the large variety of color. Though popular colors include gray, blue, green and even black, you can choose anything you want. There are two main paints to choose from, they are acrylic and epoxy. Each painting is an excellent choice but has subtle differences.

Acrylic: The biggest perk to acrylic is that it can be painted onto damp surfaces. This allows your pool to be painted faster with less down time. After the pool is drained, acid washed and rinsed your pool painters can begin their painting process almost immediately. Another perk is that acrylic paint will not be as reliant on perfect weather. Because the paint can adhere to a damp surface you will not have to wait for the perfect sunny day.

Epoxy: There are many drawbacks to epoxy but if done properly it is a very durable surface and may outlast acrylic paint by a few years. Your pool must be air dried for 2 to 3 days before painting and the normal draining, cleaning and other epoxy specific steps must be taken. Like acrylic paint, epoxy comes in a variety of colors. This is definitely not a DIY project, epoxy paint is a great deal more complicated and expensive. You will want a professional to handle the work, a mistake with an epoxy paint can be expensive.

Overall painting your pool is a wonderful option to prolong the life of your pool finish and improve the look and feel of your pool. Both paints are wonderful but take into consideration cost, and the time you want your pool to be closed while the work is taking place. Have a wonderful time enjyoing your new pool!

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