Pebble or Plaster?

A pool can be finished in a variety of materials, from beautiful plaster to entrancing pebble work. Each has benefits and each has a set of drawbacks. No matter what you choose to finish your pool with you should be aware of certain aspects such as cost, time and durability. Here is a closer look at plaster and pebble pool finishes and how each stands up to the other.

Plaster: One of the most common in-ground pool finishes on the market. Plaster can be seen in places such as back yard pools and high-end hotels. Plaster is strong, durable and can last 10 or more years if properly cared for. Pool plaster can come in a variety of color and even can be painted. Price is a huge perk to plaster, overall plaster costs less to install, maintain and repair. Elegant, minimal and timeless. Plaster will never go out of style and can be easily adjusted to fit your personal taste.

Pebble: This finish is very durable and takes a very long time to wear down. Beautiful to look at and strong. Pebble finishes are a combination of plaster and stones that create an interesting texture and elegant appearance. There are a few styles to choose from and different pebble types but overall lack the customization that pure plaster has. The trade off for a more expensive pool finish such as the pebble is the durability and pure beauty.

No matter what pool finish you choose to have installed in your pool you should always enjoy it. Picking something that can give you peace of mind, joy and a greater enjoyment of your backyard oasis. Remeber that no matter what, your choice of pool finish you only enhance your experience. Have a wonderful time and as always enjoy your pool!

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