Planning For A Pool Re-plaster

barbara-montavon-588278-unsplash.jpg Over time everything needs to be updated and refreshed. Houses need to be repainted, tires need to be changed, even our hair needs to get cut on occasion. Is there anything we might be missing? Turn your attention to your back yard and focus on the watery oasis located there, that's right you are forgetting to update your pool and its protective plaster.

Pool plaster does not last forever, under the best conditions pool plaster has a life cycle of about 10 years give or take a couple of months or years if you really are taking care of your pool perfectly. With this in mind, there are a few things you should be aware of when you think about your pool plaster replacement.

  • Make sure you budget for your pool replastering. In most cities across the United States, you will find that the cost to replaster your pool will range depending on the size of your pool and any special requirements. On average you will see prices ranging from $5000 and up correlating to size. If you are worried about the price tag just remember you have a few years to put away a sizable amount of savings. We recommend putting away $50 to $100 every month for the life of your pool plaster. Without anything going horribly wrong with your current pool plaster you should have saved enough money to handle the majority of the cost associated to replace your pool plaster.
  • The condition of your pool water directly impacts the longevity of your pool plaster it is super important to keep the PH level of your pool balanced. Your chemicals in your pool can cause a plethora of issues if they are out of balance, high levels of different chemicals or solvents can cause staining, cracking and even brittle plaster. Always check and adjust your pool chemical levels as needed.
  • Hire a professional, pool replastering is a lot of work and a DIY at home job can go wrong very quickly. Your pool is strong, can last a lifetime and withstand a lot. If you begin a DIY pool replastering job you will find you can quickly begin to make mistakes. You will find the cost to rent the needed tools is very pricey and in the long run, will likely be more cost effective to hire a professional.

These are a few of the things you need to plan and account for in the lead up to having your pool replastered. For more information about this of to a quote, you can contact us!

Posted on May 10, 2019

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