Pool Party Ideas

The weather is warming up! You might be planning your first pool party of the season, you may need a few ideas to get you started so here is a list of a few things you might consider trying!

Dye: There is in fact a safe and smart way to dye your pool water for your pool party! Many pool supply stores or party supplies have a safe dye that is forumlated for your pool! We suggest buying this instead of using food coloring or other forms of dye. Dye forumlated for your pool will not stain your plaster or skin and leave no residue.

Lights: To add more light to your evening pool party you may consider two easy options. Add floating lights to your pool, you can find these any many stores and online. These are a budjet friendly option that can be moved around to any area of the pool. Your second option is installing a LED pool light by replacing your old fashion light. If you are going to to this we suggest investing in color changing LED so that you can change the mood of every party by a simple click on a button.

Change the Smell: This may sound a bit far fetched but there are a few companies that offer aromatherapy solutions for your pool and spa. Depending on the type of party you are hosting you may want to add a refeshing citrus scent to your water or a relaxing vanilla. There are many pool safe options to choose from that can truly hieghten your party to a new and interesting level!

Music: You can find many water proof and underwater speakers to choose from on the market. Music makes a party! Having easily assecible speakers is crucial to you and your guests having a good time. We suggest investing in a bluetooth compatible system so you can connect your phone or other mobile friendly devices!

This is just a few things you can do to make your pool party a success! Good luck during this swim season, we hope youe enjoy it! If you need to replace or repair your pool plaster click here.

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