Pool Water Tips and Tricks

A big question that many people have when it comes to owning a pool is how often you should change the water of your pool. This is a complicated question that truly is different for each pool owner. Your pool water is affected by the environment, the amount it is used and the care and maintenance you put into your pool. Keeping your pool clean and your chemicals can prolong the need to have a full water replacement but this will not keep it at bay forever. Keeping in mind that most pool professionals suggest draining your pool every 5 to 7 years, here are a few tips and tricks to help your pool water last longer and save you a spike in your water bill.

Balance: Always keep your waters chemical level at the appropriate levels. You should be able to purchase a pool water testing kit at your local hardware or pool store. Keep on top of your pool testing, and make adjustments as need.

Clean: This is something that should be done weekly. You should remove any small debris such as leaves weekly or more often as you see fit. Remeber organic matter can cause stains on your pool plaster and spike your pool chemical levels as it decomposes. It might be in your best interest to get an automatic vacuum that you can let do the work for you.

Small Refills: If it has been unusually hot and you have noticed your water has evaporated to a noticeable level, your first instinct might be to get the hose and top it off. This is perfectly fine to do a couple of times, but as the summer progresses and you have constantly topped off your pool you run the risk of higher concentrations of chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals. Instead, consider doing one-third replacements each season. Drain one-third of your water from your pool and replace it with fresh clean water. This can be done at the end of your swim season as to not interrupt your enjoyment.

Shock: After large rainstorms, heavy pool activity or the inadvertent addition of organic matter you should shock your pool with chlorine to keep any bacteria, algae or any other type of fungus from growing.

These are just a few tips and tricks that can help you keep your pool water, in your pool longer. Remeber if you keep your pool healthy it prolongs not only the life of your pool water but the life of your pool plaster. If you think it is about time to replace your pool plaster than consider giving us a call at San Diego Pool Plaster!

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