Regular Pool Maintenance

Pools are a wonderful addition to any home, properly maintained pools can add great value to most properties and an enjoyable experience for all who live there. With this said there is a list of basic pool repairs that must be maintained over the weeks, months and years of a pool lifetime. Remember that a pool is a long-term commitment! Once a pool has been installed the only way for a pool to thrive is if proper care is given. Here are some of the most common pool repairs that should be done regularly.

Balancing your water: Weekly checks of your water is important to keep your pool and your family healthy. Improper chemical levels can lead to bacteria growth that can affect your families skin, hair, and overall health. High levels of metals can cause staining on your pool plaster. High levels of acids can erode your plaster, deteriorate your filters and cause unwarranted stress on the metal components of your pool. It is crucial that you or your pool service regularly check the chemicals in your water and balance these chemicals accordingly.

Water replacements: The water in your pool changes over the seasons. In hotter months water will evaporate, in windier months water is displaced, in colder months water can freeze depending on your geographical location. As your water levels change you will have to top it off occasionally. Sadly this can create an overabundance of the heavier chemicals that are used to keep your pool healthy. Depending on the environment you may have to do a water replacement more often than other areas of the country. Normal water replacements do not require a full emptying of the pool but a healthy water change can be achieved by a 1/3 or even 1/4 change out.

Pool plaster: For the most part pool plaster can last up to 10 or more years with a properly maintained pool. Staining chips and cracks can usually be easily fixed and do not require a pool replaserting. As your pool ages though, you might find more and more brittle patches, plaster bubbles, plaster crack, and stains. At this point, you may want to seriously consider replacing your pool plaster. You will want to work with well respected and long-running pool replastering companies. Pool replastering is a skill that can not be easily learned and you may find many fly-by-the-night companies offering quick and cheap work but caution is needed.

San Diego Pool Plaster is a professional company that can get the job done correctly the first time. For more information call us!

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