Save Money on Your Pool

Pool owners have always enjoyed the joy and laughter that their pools bring to their friends and families. Over time the joy of the pool can be dimmed by the cost of pool repairs. There are a few things that you can do to help limit the amount of money you are having to spend on costly repairs and maintenance. Following these simple tips will let you keep more money in your wallet.

Educate Yourself: This may seem like an obvious idea, but you might be surprised by how many pool owners do not know the basics on how to care for their pool. Homeowners can do many of the routine care for their pools with a little education, this can save you hundreds of dollars a month. You should research your pool pump, filtration system, and know how to use their machinery. A pool cleaning service removes debris, balances the pool chemicals and cleans out the filters. This should all take less than an hour for a well-kept pool. Many DIY hardware stores offer free or cheap classes on many subjects including pool care. You can search online for many of the instruction manuals for older and new pool machinery. Good luck on your search for knowledge!

Preventative Measures: Sometimes accidents happen, this is just a fact of life. But we can prevent or limit our pools exposure to potential damages due to weather events. Today we are lucky to have fairly accurate weather forecasts readily available on your phone, computer and television. Rain is easily handled by lowering your water an inch or two depending on the amount of rain predicted, checking your water chemical balance before and after the storm and adjusting as needed. High winds can be more dangerous to your pool simply because it can blow heavy items that could end up falling into your pool, scraping your paint or chipping your plaster. Before a storm or high winds, it is always best to secure all your poolside furniture and possibly install your pool net to catch any debris that you might have missed.

Balance: We touched on this before but making sure your pool water is balanced is crucial when it comes to keeping your pool, machinery, and plaster in the best condition possible. You should have an at-home test kit and perform a weekly check on your own. Balanced water keeps calcium build up from occurring as quickly, keeps metal from corroding as quickly and can help keep your plaster strong instead of brittle and stained.

Good luck and enjoy your pool to its fullest potential! To look into repairing your plaster or replastering your pool look no further than San Deigo Pool Plaster! Call now for a free consultation!

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